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Bees and Apples

Abi will be running the last of her children’s summer workshops on Tuesday 29 August and is themed around bees. Pollination is a subject that we convey to all visiting school children and most get the opportunity to visit our hives. We feel it is a very important topic and one that needs as much promotion as possible highlighting what an important job bees do and the threat they face from neonicotinoids. There will be an opportunity for those of you that might want to possibly have a go at beekeeping to learn what is involved. Adrian Pert, our resident bee keeper, is joining with Abi to run a workshop on Sep 9th to explain what is involved and to give you an insight into the life of a honey bee.
It looks like we have an amazing apple harvest this year – the girls found a single cooker last week that weighed in at just under 1kg!  We have started to sell our ever popular dried apple rings in the shop again – a tasty and healthy snack, particularly for youngsters.