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Fabulous Open Day, New Events Flyer, and Mrs Duck

I can’t believe we are now half way through 2018. I certainly think the older one gets, the quicker the days pass by. The small holding is looking good with lots of lovely colourful produce coming online. Some of the berries are ripened with just the boysenberries and Japanese wine berries yet to be ready for picking. It was delightful to hear lots of excited children picking berries in the fruit cage today as one of the Open Day activities. It proved a very popular activity. We were blessed with lovely sunny weather but were conscious that we were clashing with the England football game. Notwithstanding, we had good footfall and I can honestly say the best cream tea tent we have put on to date. The scones were baked this morning by a wonderful veg bag customer and I’ve never tasted any as good as what we sampled – in my case 2! It is now tradition for all the staff and volunteers to sit down in the tea tent when we close and to celebrate by having a collective cream tea.

We now have the new events flyer covering the next 6 months from July until December. We have some great events and workshops lined up for you so do have a look at what might take your fancy. I will of course be updating you as we go along on what we have to offer. For those of you that are looking for children’s activities over the summer holidays, Abi has come up with some fun workshops for the little ones to enjoy. We have also be invited the fun Bubsie back to run a music workshop as part of the summer programme.

Several customers have asked if we recycle the plastic bags we give you containing some of our produce. The answer is yes we do so if you so desired, please just put them in your returning veg bag and we will wash and re-use. We also take back any of the Tuppenny Barn jam, honey or chutney jars in addition to those used for the fruit vinegars.

Nearly four weeks ago, a duck took residence in our polytunnel, laid 9 eggs and has been with us ever since. We didn’t allow visitors into the tunnel today as we didn’t want Mrs Duck disturbed. Having read up about ducks and their eggs, it would appear she is nearly ready for the ducklings to hatch. We understand that she will be very keen once hatched to take them to our nearest bit of water which is the wildlife pond. Just hoping after we have awaited so long that we get to see the ducklings once hatched.