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Inspirations from eminent thought leaders, and kids summer holiday workshops

Last week, I travelled to LLandovery College to participate in the Sustainable Food Trust Harmony in Food and Farming Conference.  It was well attended by over 200 delegates coming from both the UK and abroad – all linked to food and farming in some way.  The conference centred around the knowledge how broken our food system is at present and ways that we can all achieve a blueprint for a more balanced and sustainable world, reconnecting with nature.
Prince Charles was the keynote speaker at the conference, having been acknowledged that he has been at the forefront of the growing ecological movement in the past 30 years. Originally treated with scepticism, many of his ideas are now widely accepted and gaining increasing impact and influence. His work has been to meet a huge range of modern challenges, from urbanisation to deforestation. In every case, however, the philosophy that is the foundation of his work, has always been the same, but has always been unspoken. This was until he wrote Harmony in 2010 alongside two of his leading advisors, Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly. Harmony tells the story of how our disconnection with nature has contributed to the crisis that we find ourselves in and how seeking a balance in our actions will return us to a more considered, secure, comfortable clean world.

Many of the speakers we listened to told of their own realisation that we need to look at knowledge and perspectives that now largely lost could help us meet very modern challenges, including those in the built environment, engineering, medicine and farming. Dame Ellen MacArthur spoke about her Foundation that works with business, government & academia to build a framework for a circular economy that is restorative & regenerative by design (  We were lucky enough to have some wonderful producers and chefs at the event who took part in collectively producing an amazing array of dishes for the slow food dinner we ate in the evening.

As you might sense it was an inspiring day.

With the school holidays starting at the end of this week, Abi has arranged a great programme of workshops for the children in August running every Tuesday.  Please do have a look at the website for further details of the specific themes for each workshop.