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June at the Barn

Stage beetle larvae

In the Outdoor Classroom

There was much excitement amongst the children from Westbourne Primary School; we went bug hunting and found Stag beetle larvae, lizards, a white spider, green dock beetle eggs, ants, centipedes and green Doc Beetle eggs! The arrival of the sunshine has also meant that the damselflies have been enjoying the pond. One lucky school group were able to see eggs being laid in the water, with the male damselfly remaining attached to the female. The sunflower group had a go at flower bashing, and we have created some beautiful bunting from it.

Thriving plants and people

The green therapies polytunnel is looking even more abundant and full than last month! We’ve successfully harvested our first batch of delicious cucumbers, as well as the first of the courgettes and french beans. Lettuce is ripe for harvesting and we are looking forward to the tomatoes ripening. The Sweet peas have been amazing with clients and staff loving the scent. It’s been too hot of late to have the groups in the tunnel, but many tasks can be shifted outside. We have also harvested honesty seed heads for drying for use in flower bouquets and Christmas wreaths.
Our Friday groups are now full and both the Veteran Blooms flower farming and the Sow and Thrive groups are going well. We’ve positive feedback from attendees about how beneficial they are finding the programmes. Sow and Thrive students have been learning how to sow seeds, prick out, side shoot tomatoes and tie in cucumbers and side shoot these. We are looking forward to a session on composting as part of soil care. The Veterans have been busy sowing more seeds, harvesting sweet peas to make posies and planting out module grown plants for cut flowers.
As always we are very grateful for any volunteers that want to  commit helping with sessions and have just welcomed two new people to do this –  Kate and Sophie – With many of the clients having different interests and levels of mobility it is great to be able to have extra pairs of hands to help facilitate a range of tasks for our participants.
Tuppenny jam at Dell Quay’s Regatta day

Out and About

Dell Quay sailing club regatta served Tuppenny Blackcurrant jam and apple chutney as part of their cream tea. Over 100 club members and visitors enjoyed the cream tea which is regularly rated the best in the harbour amongst the sailing clubs. We think this is because Dell Quay champions local producers including Rookery Farm and Westbourne Bakery.