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Lizzie’s Nightwalk 2016

Tuppenny Barn was important to Lizzie and she was an inspirational force in its development.

She was a trustee for many years and her involvement ranged from helping with the daily gardening tasks one moment and then assisting in formulating strategy and orchestrating fund raising the next.

The money raised by Lizzie’s Nightwalk in 2015 has funded the Tuppenny Barn pond, now teeming with life, which is a source of both fun and education during weekly school trips and childrens activity workshops; our kitchen workstations which enable us to give cookery classes to these same children, and ‘Lizzie’s Herb Bank’, which was officially opened by Lizzie’s Grandson, Rufus Dymock on 14th January 2016.

As many will already know, Tuppenny Barn has two main aims, firstly growing organic food for the local community and secondly teaching children and community groups about the environment. We wish over time, to add a third, which is the advancement of social horticultural therapy. This involves encouraging isolated, troubled or incapacitated individuals to become involved in the process of planting, growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables.

The practical connection with horticulture and with other people engaged in a common purpose is now generally acknowledged by to have significant therapeutic effects and it complements our core activities. This was part of Lizzie’s vision for Tuppenny Barn and money raised on the Nightwalk will help us to start to realise it.

The walkers would like their nocturnal efforts to raise as much money as possible for Tuppenny Barn – a cause which Lizzie, by her commitment, demonstrated is a very worthwhile cause. All donations will be very welcome.