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Orkney Islands, Growing Winter Veg Workshop, and Children’s Holiday Activities

I will be travelling for a few days to the Orkney Islands on Sunday. For those of you that will remember my good friend Rosemary Moon, chef, food writer and author of over 28 cookery books has come to Tuppenny Barn on many occasions to run food cookery workshops and in general, help raise the profile of local producers. She appeared years ago on Pebble Mill on One – for those of you that are old enough to remember this TV programme, worked for many years advising Waitrose and running cookery workshops at West Dean, moved to the Islands last year. It is a place I have always wanted to visit so am now taking the opportunity to see for myself what has enticed her so far north. She has started an Orkney Food Blog and I understand (naturally) getting into the food scene there. It will be a real treat to be cooked for. I understand the weather is a tad cooler than here – she advised taking a warm fleece and to be prepared for four seasons in a day!

I am doing the last minute preparation for my Growing Winter Vegetables workshop that runs on Sunday 22nd July from 2pm. Please do tell friends and family if there is anyone that might like to learn what can be grown in our Autumn and winter months – you would be surprised how many. Tips, seeds and transplants will be supplied as part of the workshop along with growing tips and handouts. We are currently planting for the autumn and winter ahead, which is a little challenging with all this heat. It is not ideal weather to plant in such conditions so having to apply much more of a TLC approach with much straw going around the plants to try and retain the water.

There are some lovely activities being organised by Abi across 5 summer children’s workshops. Please do take a look: