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Polytunnel crops, Easter workshops for children with Abi, and South Downs Film Night

It has been amazing the difference in temperatures over the past 7 days and the huge increase in warmth has brought on many of the polytunnel crops. At this time of year during the ‘Hungry Gap’, as is known in the gardening world, we have to be patient to wait for the first of the 2018 crops to mature. The girls are now busy seeding up many vegetables as we are on the starting blocks for the main spring propagation time. I have booked myself onto a May salad growing workshop at a lovely farm in Dorset, namely Trill Farm that is for experienced growers. I hope to see if we can increase our salad leaf varieties and will be looking for new types to grow. A real look forward for me as I love to explore what others are doing within the organic community and gain new knowledge to put to good use at Tuppenny Barn.

Last week, the girls began constructing a new growing bed using the ‘no dig’ method and we will be evaluating the subsequent growing results. Watch this space!

Abi is busy preparing for her two Easter workshops for children on 3 April and 10th April. The first one is for our younger children for ages 3 – 7 and the latter for those from 6 upwards. She has lots of lovely activities planned alongside doing seasonal cooking so treats all round!

We have decided as the South Downs Film night in a fortnight on Friday 23rd March is our first time is doing such an event we thought we might do an offer for the vegetable bag community. If anyone would like to purchase tickets we are happy to do 2 for the price of one so £12 for 2 tickets. Just drop me an email if you would like to take advantage of this offer and I will get Sue to send you details of how to pay. For anyone that enjoys the beauty of the South Downs, this is a ‘must see’ film.