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Preparing for winter harvest with changing weather patterns, jams and chutneys, and floristry workshops for 2018

I was delighted to have 12 students on my winter veg growing workshop last Sunday and we had wonderful weather to enjoy. Writing the hand out notes has reminded me of all the seeds we need to get in for this Autumn and Winter’s harvest. We have much to sow. It is really interesting to seeĀ  how the crops are coming on and that weather patterns are certainly changing from what you read in all the gardening books. All our top fruit in the orchard is ripening now and is about three weeks early. The heavy morning dew that is happening on most mornings is more indicative of Autumn and not mid August tradition. My advice to the students was to be flexible in their approach and go by what is happening with the weather, instead of the traditional gardening sowing or planting year. Climate change is truly upon us!

Christine and her helpers have been really busy over the past few weeks beginning to make the jams and chutneys for the shop but more importantly, a supply for the Christmas period. She has shown me a wonderful recipe book with lots of new possibles that we can make with Tuppenny produce. The recipes also are not laden with too much sugar, something that the more traditional books often portray. With our passionate stance on healthy eating, we are keen to make delicious products that are consistent with a healthy diet. The New Zealand author (living in London) shares our ethics for seasonality, using up surplus and imaginative products.

I am excited to tell you that I have persuaded two very talented florists, Abi Overton and Rosemary Jenkins, to run 4 different types of floristry workshops next July using Tuppenny flowers. One of these will be creating a hand held bouquet, something I enjoy doing but look forward to seeing the professionals at work. They have given me their growing list we will be panting, so we will have to get cracking!