Jane Gleeson

Jane Gleeson graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1990 and spent over 10 years working within the field of mental health. Over 20 years ago she¬†started gardening as a hobby and form of relaxation and soon was completely hooked. “I was simply bowled over by plants and how endless fascinating they are”. A career change ensued and she studied and worked at Royal Botanic Kew Gardens for three years and then taught Horticulture at Hadlow College. Jane was Head Gardener and set up and ran a Practical Residency in Sustainable Horticulture at Schumacher College for 7 years and designed the 5 acre field using agroecological principles. Jane moved to West Sussex 2 years ago and is now teaching courses in horticulture and food production, working on an organic veg bag scheme and is the Lead Horticultural Therapist at Tuppenny Barn.