We create bespoke visit packages for college, sixth form and university students to suit a variety of areas of study and interest, in particular:

 Catering and Hospitality

Students can use organic fruit and veg from our grounds to cook fresh food, and gain a first hand understanding of the benefits of local, seasonal and organic ingredients. Our centre also offers a special venue for students to put on events such as supper clubs and pop up restaurants.


We can support students in gaining first hand knowledge and understanding of organic growing techniques and the benefits and challenges involved.

Architecture & Landscape Design

Our education centre is a beautiful example of sustainable building design, made from 350 load bearing straw bales, 400 recycled car tyres, and designed to reflect the natural landscape around it. Students are welcome to come and look around, and take inspiration for their own design practice.


Tuppenny Barn would make an interesting case study for students interested in local, ethical, sustainable business practice. We use sustainable energy and make an effort to recycle and reuse whenever possible, aiming to reduce our waste and ecological footprint. As a social enterprise, we also rely on the support of partner organisations and funding but our aim is always to be self-sustaining as we grow.

Please contact us to discuss how we can arrange a visit to suit your requirements.

Highbury College 1st Year Catering students visited Tuppenny Barn in June 2015 and were very impressed with the service and passion shown by all of the staff. The students learnt an awful lot about local sustainability, organic growing methods and how to avoid bee stings! I feel sure that the visit made a lasting impression on the students and will stand them in good stead when they take their place in the catering industry and hopefully will encourage them all to consider local sustainability issues, sourcing locally and the flavour sensations possible when using local fresh organic produce when creating their menus.

Roy Ashcroft – Programme Leader in Professional Cookery, Highbury College, Portsmouth