Over the last year, our community’s needs have grown.

Help our charity transform to meet them.





During COVID-19, we’ve been working hard to adapt and find new ways to serve our community. Our successful food parcel scheme delivered nearly 400 boxes of essential goods to 20 local families experiencing hardship.

This project inspired us to establish a Young Carers project, which further supports local youth through the unique educational environment that Tuppenny Barn provides. In 2020, the Young Carers project served 11 children over the course of eight sessions at Tuppenny Barn. In 2021, we will increase participation by 50%.

Before the pandemic, we were on track to have 2000 students visit our site to learn about healthy eating and sustainability. We hope to increase the number of school children that visit in 2021 and beyond.

Looking ahead: A new cafe and shop to help our community thrive sustainably

Now we are looking ahead and are excited to introduce our new shop and community cafe project. This project will help secure the future of the charity and ensure that we can continue and extend the vital work of serving our community and engaging with vulnerable groups.

This new endeavour will give us:

•      An internal delivery space

•      A covered outdoor classroom for education, horticultural therapy for NHS referrals, and training programs for young adults with additional needs

•      An accredited training venue

•      Additional employment and volunteering opportunities

•      A shop to help make local, organic and artisanal produce available to more people

Outcomes include a 10-20% increase in school visits, jobs for 12 additional volunteers and 3-4 additional employees, as well as support and training for 40 individuals in need. This creation of jobs, implementation of training courses to help people get back to work, use of natural resources, and goal of helping our community prosper is in line with both the UK’s strategic sustainability goals and the UN’s sustainable development goals.

We’re more determined than ever to offer unique educational experiences to children, to provide education about healthy eating and living sustainably, and to build community. We’re excited that the plans for the new shop and cafe will help us meet these objectives.

Please support us in Transforming Tuppenny

Donate today to help us achieve our goal and build the community resilience that we so desperately need during these times. We know we can thrive after this crisis, but we need your help.