Since 2005 Tuppenny Barn has grown steadily and raised funds at each stage of its development. For instance, crowd funding, grants and donations paid for the building of the eco-barn, used for all indoors activities, and also the Social and Horticultural Therapy polytunnel.

Day-to-day Tuppenny raises money by selling its produce, running themed workshops and activities, and hiring out its facilities. All profits are ploughed back into the organisation.

We are itching to do more. There are so many ways Tuppenny can touch the lives of youngsters, the vulnerable and everyone in the community who might benefit from a dose of nature.

There are many opportunities to support Tuppenny financially and make things happen.

  • Sponsor a place for one person on our Social & Horticultural Therapy initiative. We are focusing on veterans and local people whose mental health will benefit from this proven therapy
  • Hire Tuppenny Barn for corporate away-days, when teams work in the field, learn about biodiversity and sustainability, and cook their own lunch!
  • Make Tuppenny Barn your chosen charity of the year and encourage fundraising events in your organisation
  • Donate gardening equipment or other materials
  • Sponsor our van
  • Fund an Education Officer for 12 months to help us run an additional 30 school visits
  • Make an annual CSR contribution

These are just some of the myriad ways your money can help Tuppenny to grow. Please get in touch and we can discuss your particular objectives. 01243 377780