Picking up a jute bag packed with organic, seasonal produce is a great way to start the weekend. We try to be flexible with our scheme so that you only get a bag when you want it, and you can organise swaps, within reason.

Each week your bag will be filled with a selection of organic, seasonal produce. Where possible this is harvested freshly from the field at Tuppenny Barn. It is topped up with organic produce from two other local suppliers. Contents vary from week to week, depending on what is fresh and in season and we include high value soft fruit items from our fruit cage whenever possible.

Size and Price
Standard Bag – contains 6 items – £10
Large Bag – contains 9 items – £13

How the scheme works
You will receive an email telling you what is the bag for the following week. You have the option of swapping one item, or putting your bag on hold for that week. Swaps and cancellations must be in by Monday 4pm, pay for your bag by standing order, and then you collect your bag at the shop on Thursdays between 9am-4pm. You can pick up any extras, including organic bread, bakes and other organic produce, when at the shop.

Sign Up

If you would like to join the Veg Bag Scheme please email contact@tuppennybarn.co.uk with your name, address, phone number and email, as well as the size of weekly veg bag you would like to receive.