Since we opened the Gallery in February 2016 we have hosted events such as the Emsworth Arts Trail, sculptures, school art, a Weald exhibition and an artist who also grows and makes his own paper.

We aim to increase our involvement in the work of the creative community through the use of the striking circular display area in our eco-build education and community centre.

*Please note that at present private exhibitions have been put on hold due to the centre being used for private hires and other activites*

Your work can be displayed on our lime-rendered, straw-bale-filled walls between large timber-framed bays using standard art gallery fittings.  Directional spotlights have been installed.

We invite exhibitions for the duration of a month. There is no up front hire fee; we charge a commission of 35% on all items sold.

Art work will be viewed by the public on Thursdays, when our organic shop is open, and at other events and workshops during the week.

For further details including information about our selection process and our Terms and Conditions please contact Gallery Manager Rosie Morgan at