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Kiwis and Figs

During our first week back at work the growing team managed to dig out the two large kiwi plants that we have had in the polytunnel, one for 9 years and the other for 6. Despite having flowered on 3 consecutive years we have not had any kiwis to date. I do tell everyone of my mantra for our plants at Tuppenny – each one needs to earn their keep!  We decided to remove the kiwis as they were in fact pushing out much foliage which was in turn creating dark areas for some of the plants growing within the polytunnel. Rest assured they haven’t been disposed of and are currently wrapped up and in pots in front of the long storage shipping container we have. The plan will be to plant them in this area as it is both South facing and a large enough area for them to continue to grow.
Both the shipping container and portacabin are projects for this springtime. We want to make them slightly more “green’ and rustic to fit in with the overall design of the back of the centre.  We will be removing the bars from the portacabin and hopefully affixing wood and plants to the front and rear.  We will also be digging up our Turkey fig plants which have outgrown their current home by the propagating sheds and re-planting on either the portacabin walls or shipping container, also so they can increase their growth.
We are in the process of seed ordering at present, a job which always creates much enthusiasm for the growers as we plan the forthcoming produce and cut flowers for 2017. It is a nice task to do with much inspiration fed into our plans, learning from failures and successes in 2016.
This Saturday we will be welcoming Mark and Becs Ford the Land Form Designers from Two Circles Design to run their obelisk and garden support workshop.  There are just a couple of spaces remaining if anyone fancies coming along.
Emma is now back from her travels and is busy preparing for our Wedding Fair on Sunday 22nd Jan. Spread the word for any ‘would be’ couples as they will get a chance to see Tuppenny dressed for a wedding occasion and meet all our lovely suppliers. On 18th Jan Lizzie Chittleboro will be leading her next Creative Writing workshop and the theme is Fire. If you have always wanted to have a go at writing creatively then do book yourself a space on what is always a well received workshop.