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Maggie’s Blog

Do I have any regrets starting an organic enterprise on a wild and untended plot of land on the Hampshire/West Sussex border?

As with any start-up business – particularly one dependent on the vagaries of the British climate – there have been many highs and lows since 2005.

But the downsides have been short-lived and my honest answer to the question is “No regrets (well maybe one but that comes at the end of this blog). Just look at what we have achieved so far.”

Our inspiring and unique education and community centre is now home to a variety of regular events ranging from the educational to recreational, healthy eating and drinking, the practical and the unusual.

Our links with the local community and organisations are growing year by year and increased interest from the media has put Tuppenny Barn on the map.

New staff members and increased overheads mean that we have to keep a firm grip on all aspects of our business but that does not mean any diminution in our passion and belief in promoting all aspects of sustainable living with an emphasis on healthy eating.

Our expanding and increasingly popular programme of events is the driving force behind our new website which has been designed to provide easy access to what’s on at Tuppenny Barn.

We aim to provide a healthy mix of information, education and entertainment and it is now easier to book your place on the various courses and events.  The centre is now available for hire and that will include later this year a facility to have a wedding reception in unique surrounds.

Please explore the website and let us know what you think. Are there any activities or courses you would like us to run that will help us develop our community or educational activities? Would you like to join our enthusiastic band of volunteers? Or are you able to help us with fund-raising activities?

Any my one regret? Not having a visitors’ book at the start of the project. My team have received some wonderful comments about what we do at Tuppenny Barn but some have been lost over the years.

The one I remember most vividly was:” If only you could bottle the tremendous atmosphere at Tuppenny Barn and take it home”.